Write Your Love Story

Dear Olamide,

Everyone has a story that touches the heart,
Of how their brightest day became a candle night,
Stories of how change became the order of the day,
How the rod of Moses refused to path a way.

Simultaneously, life equation may lead to an improper fraction,
And you may not have a grateful psalm for exaltation,
You might have what it takes, till it takes what you have,
And the plan to succeed may be outplayed by the need to survive.
You might have turned it up, till it turned upside down,
And fallen in love with trust, till it thrusts you down,
You might have lived in reality, and outlived your dreams,
And your nightmare may cease to make your day dream.

I write to your sober heart there in,
That your silent mourning shall be the cause of a joyful morning,
And your test of turbulent time, shall be a test of time,
Survival is for the fittest, write a joyful song and sing for a lifetime.

Peg the curse and pen a new course,
Write your story, and let the world slowly fall in love!

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