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Who is He?

He is a boy,
the root of a grown man.
With flaws and daily bruise
he learnt to run and freely cruise.
And his heart is the wheel
that controls the moving earth.

He is a man,
the inspiration of creation.
In the frame of God,
he is existing against every odd.
Nature and science are his servants,
the stakes that made him triumphant.

He is a husband,
the warship of his wife.
With upgraded submarines
and sophisticated missiles;
he jealously protects his territory,
from aliens, invaders and terrorists.

He is a father,
the catalyst of a stable home.
Of structural role,
and functional duties;
he is the Zener diode that regulates the family’s voltage.

He is a brother,
the windmill of togetherness.
From his direction, aids flow.
Conversely he may careless
yet he is blood and heir.

He is an uncle,
the piston of a progeny.
With combustible presence
and penetrating relevance;
he drives and heat up the engines of his lineage.

He is a grandad,
the genesis of a generation.
With blazing ancestral legacy
and fledgling patriarchal flagship;
he is the currency of a kindred.

He is a king,
the alpha wolf of his community.
With the eyes of justice
and the mind of a god;
he weld his hammer
and breaks the rocks that scare his people.

Happy International Men’s Day.

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