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The Mighty Pen

The might in writing
Will always be underrated
Its effect is always invisible, but effective
Like an idea, a thought, a soul

The holy books of Earth’s Religions
Were made powerful by the pen
And throughout our history
We have killed for these books

With the pen, the mighty pen
I could do a lot more than without
And when I write, I have the might
To change anything about me or you

I could take you to Paris
On a romantic journey to the Eiffel Tower
I could take you to Germany
Where we can join the annual Oktoberfest

I could lie to you, or to me
Without feeling bad about it
I could make you see how sad life is
While I live a happy and fulfilled life

With one stroke of the mighty pen
I could kill you
Or I could kill myself
And with another stroke, heal

The pen is not mightier than the sword
The sword itself is not mighty
The pen is mightier than you and me
For what can be mightier than humans?

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