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Our Country Has Gone Mad

Yesterday like today
Today like tomorrow
Oga koffer with shining eyes
And eager face just yesterday
Weariness now tattooed on his face
Alawee on hold, life on the line
Efforts fruitless waste
Yet we promised to be
Loyal and honest and
Serve with all our might
Youths with promising potentials dying like flies
Trade’s abounding, job’s no where to be found
Certificate on the corner shelf
While our hands become busy hustling
“Lazy youths” teeming the market with
Heavy burdens, neck bulging with tired veins
Looking out the world with weary eyes
The world is moving and we are still where we are
Lies told often till they become truths
Whites and blacks blur into gray lines
Love’s turned sour
Money is the only motivation
Strength to read, none
Grace to carry on, gone
Cycle’s repeating with generations
And every year we celebrate Independence.

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