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Lover Boy’s Trap

On evenings dimly lit
I close my eyes and my heart yearns to retreat
To the time we were sweet
To the time we didn’t feel the heat
Because we banked on the tides of love
Rowing on the sea of our emotions strong
Like the ocean I didn’t care, just swishing and swirling to the direction of the wind.

You were my wind.
Just a soft caress, had me turning to wherever you wished.
Without a will you were my master
And I Love’s prisoner.
Only then,it didn’t appear so.
To my little mind we were Juliet and Romeo.
The reason my heart would skip a beat
Or scream in delight.
Whichever case you would just smile.

Charming it was then
I swooned the more
Bringing me closer to your den
I knew it not.
Until the fall.
Falling in love I called it
Falling prey to your trap it was.
I reveled in the feeling of your arms as it held me tight
Not knowing they were the bars that held the trap shut
Till you were sure you got me good
You kept up the show, ever handsome and cool
While I, I was the fool.
Love’s fool
Or rather, your fool.

Now in the cold dark confines of your trap I lay crying to break free
Would’ve left, but my heart’s still clinging to hopes string.
Now the shocking thing is this
It wasn’t just me
For I could see several other strings
which I knew would lead to trapped hearts like mine if I went deep.
Ever heard of willful captivity?
Ask a side chick that knows she is.

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One Comment

  1. Typically, if a book has only one page, one idea with the coherent ability to stir curiosity and advise caution, that alone justifies reading it again, rereading it, and finding room for it on one’s shelves. This poem has several lines to make such good passages.

    I commend on your poetic dexterity.

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