Bad Ass

Insult to an injury
Gotten from the mind
The beginning of wrong knowledge
Due to wrong anticipation of tomorrow.
Reality is a salute of foolishness
Acting different in the world that likes foolishness.
Feast dies, the resurrection of a meal summed all together.
The left is punched acting right
Eruption in the sea, strange from what we know.
A hot knowledge living in Pluto
How come?
Maybe it has a converter .
Converter? what do you mean by converter?
An ass in thought, every one cease to listen, so weird they say.

Punch at the face,
This is what cause the injury
Who punched you? you got yourself in a fight or what?
The questioner and the answer giver are slapped with strange words from the Potter of confusion the bedrock of deception.
A Bay Watch online HD graphical video sounding like an alien from a strange planet.

Thanks a bunch, group of smokers
With an empty space filled with smoke, you guys kick off meetings.
Melting point and lost pay a visit in a dark room to gum nothing for something in nothing.
An error occurred while plating
Plating what?
Are you trying to adjust for smokers to dominate? No, not that it is just that we are plating
The atmosphere to cease smoker
Cheese to get rid of the act…

Bad ass in a couple of season
Punch card to exist for a season.
The son of a widow always see windows
Not widow, widow always for mingles that decay mingle for single.
Neoclassical, classic for what?
Is it for bad ass, it can’t be so.
Happiness is for the pursuit, otherwise happiness decays when hen act like a cock .

Bad ass off!

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