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Invader, the Akira

The loud destructive shofar of death was blown
The earth shook from the raging match of the enemies
Doom oozed from the armors of these legion
The moment the glow of sunlight turned into the ring of fire
As its gloom obumbrated the globe
There and then I knew the chills of death had been
welcomed into our land

Ahu! Ahu! came there voices
So quick, like a strike of thunder
Came the arrow birds, dancing in the sky
Piercing the body of our men
Men trained by sword
That which was believed to be forged
With myth of victory
From great smiths
To our noble knights
But wait! Listen, hear the cries of our men
Why has the sword forsaken them?
Too bad it was all a lie
For I watched them slit our men
Oh! I watched them drag their sword horizontally
Across our men’s throat
The pain in their eyes,
confirmed, it was a lie of myth.
The blood stream of our men gladdened their minds
As their sword became increasingly pugnacious
Arranging the heads of our men
In the order of BODMAS
The squeal of joy from their lips
Broadcast the being in them
For they were men without souls
Men blinded by hate
Mortals of clandestine power of death
Merry men of destruction.

With chanting lips
Our gates fell to the ground
Echoes of doom, swept through our city
They thirsted for the solemn body of every ripened female
Of the Kalimantan Kingdom
As they devoured my sacred apple
Oh how well they took it with pleasure;
Sickening my legs to seizure
With bleeding eyes and legs
I smelt doom!
I smelt change
I smelt sorrow
I was ripped off my glory
As I witnessed the macabre scene
of my destruction.

I was princess Akira
The heir to the throne Kalimantan kingdom
But now?
I’m Akira, princess of the deepest darkest dungeon
Akira, sore to stone
Carvings to words
Akira! Akira! Akira!
The one whose words your children would read on these walls
When they become archaeologists
The one who has fallen
But shall rise again
To beat the drum of vengeance
And take revenge on her invaders.

Akira! Akira! Akira!

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