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Hell Within the Gates

You could call me the wrong child in the wrong family
The wrong soul in the wrong body
‘Cause right from conception I’ve been at conflict with destiny
Opposing the chains and shackles with no hopes of being free

No peace, no harmony
We lived under a roof of misery
The walls echoed Dad’s drunken barks, “You are a mistake!”
Those same days he hit Mum and yelled, “Our young love was fake!”

Just as Dad said, I’m a mistake, even till date
Born into this hell, a hostage within my father’s gates
Tortured by the memories of their previous fights
Of my mother’s bleeding face, the violation of her rights

A blow to my face brought tears, sometimes blood
But one of his harsh words at mum would burn my heart
Making me feel like the fault, the maggot, the loosened knot
My family is shattered, that means it was once whole; my birth did the “shattering” part

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