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Who No Like Better Thing?

Doyin sprawled out on the sofa, she looked happy; she had just gotten the popular iPhone 11. After posting several breathtaking pictures on her social media handles, she was delighted with the comments she was receiving, everyone was congratulating her on acquiring the latest gadget in town.

She was satisfied, she was finally in the ‘Pepper Dem Gang’. It wasn’t a real physical group, just an intangible thing in their heads. She and her peers knew what it meant to be in that gang. Nobody said it but everyone knew it, they secretly competed among themselves to beat the next person to the game.

Pepper dem, Doyin pepper dem oo…”
she sang in her head. She jumped. “1k likes in two hours!Who does that? Not even celebs. Who no like better thing? Ayiii!

Just then her phone, the iPhone, the source of her happiness rang. She picked it up, even her tone had changed, “Hello.”

After a few minutes, the call ended. It was Nneka, fondly called Nens by everyone. They had a test tomorrow and the lecturer had asked them to come along with their Criminology textbook that cost about N5,000. The textbook alone had 15 marks.

Doyin was at a loss on what to do, she had spent her last savings on the iPhone, and she had hoped that this test would hold a week from now so she could at least gather some money for the textbook.

She picked up the phone and dialed Nens and narrated the situation to her, one thing everyone was sure of —Nens would never spill the beans to anyone else.

Nens listened before talking, “Doyin, remember what I was telling you the other day about assets and liabilities? Now, it’s not wrong to get an iPhone, but how much have you realized from it? Your phone can be an asset or a liability, depending on how you use it.”

“Wait, Nens, wait, are you saying you can make money with your phone?”

“Of course, yes, Doyin. Now as I was saying, your phone is a liability if all you do is make calls, take selfies and buy data subscriptions. It’s taking from you and not giving anything back. On the other hand, if your phone is a tool for making money, and if by reason of the investments you’ve made through training on your phone, you can be sure of multiple streams of income, then your phone is an asset.

“Now let me ask you, is your phone an asset?

She didn’t wait for the reply, it was obvious. “Doyin, your phone has a good camera. You can use that for outdoor photography since you don’t have a studio—and make money from it. You’re fashionable, you know all those hacks on how to make your hair look good even after carrying it for two months; you can create videos teaching other ladies these hacks on your YouTube channel. There are so many things you could use your iPhone to do and make money. Doyin, you’re holding a gold mine in your hands.”

“I’m ready, Nens, I’m ready to make my phone an asset. Please teach me all you know.”

“Hmm, I’ll. But let’s first solve the problem of your textbook, okay?”

“Okay, thanks a lot Nens.”

“You’re welcome, that’s the much I can do, guard that iPhone jealously. See you in class.”

Your ASSET feeds you while your LIABILITY eats you.

Choices are important, make your choice.


Who no like better thing?

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