The Beacon of His Desire

The Beacon of His Desire>ZenPens

The urge to forget it all, to forget everything that happened some minutes ago was the only feeling Ethan had as he walked towards the strip club. He felt miserable and was terribly in need of a drink or the touch of another. Ethan nodded at the bouncer at the entrance of the club, showed his VIP ID and walked in. He headed to the VIP lounge reserved for high socialites. The strip club was owned by a rich playboy amongst Ethan’s circle of friends.
He was being impulsive, this he knew. But he couldn’t help the heartache and anger he felt over his boyfriend’s betrayal. That stabbed him hard in his heart and he wanted to forget it all even if it was just for a night. Ethan had earlier found his boyfriend together with another male in his house; they were having sex, and the worst was that his boyfriend had ended their four-year long relationship right there.

“Good day sir,” the hostess greeted immediately she saw the profile of Ethan.

“I would like a room and the services of Dean,” Ethan replied. He needed to forget some things, and Dean the face of Desire Strip Club was the right man for the job. Dean had always had a thing for Ethan; was it the innocent but sensual touch or the raw desire and predatory look Dean had in his eyes when he looked at Ethan? Ethan was always terrified of Dean’s gaze, it was raw and passionate. He would have admitted that he loved it, but he was the faithful type and always avoided Dean.

But here he was seeking his services. How low I have fallen, Ethan thought to as he unlocked the door to the room he ordered for. He walked into the dim room, only the colored light was on. Ethan sighed heavily, he always looked down on people who did this, but here he was sitting on the leather chair while waiting for his entertainment.

“I might as well have a drink.” He grabbed a glass cup and poured himself some wine, the bittersweet intoxicating taste trickled down his throat and Ethan grimaced. He wasn’t a fan of alcohol, but he wanted─no, needed─to get wasted.

A shadow appeared before him and Ethan squinted to see who it was. The figure was tall and huge, his face was properly shaped and his hair was dark and styled to the back. I know those eyes, those eyes that haunt my dreams, those eyes that I long to see every night, Ethan thought, he wasn’t drunk just a bit tipsy. His tolerance to alcohol was really low, how else could he get tipsy after just one glass.

“Well, well, if it isn’t it the good boy. To what do I owe this pleasure?” the voice spoke. His voice was low and pleasant, the way he drew the word ‘pleasure’ was more than causal, and Ethan jolted to his senses. He recognized that voice anywhere and the dark promises of pleasure.

“Dean? What are you doing here?” Ethan asked while sitting upright. He could never let his guard around Dean. The thought of what he could do and the promises his stare held sent shivers down his spine.

“The one and only in flesh. And boy was I surprised when I heard who wanted my services.” Dean moved closer till his face was to Ethan “Now I wonder what the good boy wants from the devil.” Dean took the glass from Ethan’s hand and sat beside him, his body touching Ethan’s. Ethan shivered from the contact, Dean’s upper body was bare and he only had leather pants on, and it was tight. It hugged all of his lower body tightly and deliciously.

“Well… I’m sorry, it was a wrong call. I don’t need your services anymore,” Ethan said and scooted away from Dean. He was burning up from that little contact and needed to be far away from him. The way he looked at him, massaged his hair, it felt possessive.

Dean wasn’t having that. He finally had him here, wanting and needing him. He had to make due of the opportunity. “C’mon Ethan. You and I know how much I tempt you, how much I make you fidget and shiver. You can’t deny your desire.” Dean hooked his arm around Ethan’s waist and pulled him to himself. He moved and made sure Ethan was lying on the chair while he stood over him “Give me the chance to show you…” Dean drawled out slowly as he held Ethan under him “… let me show you what you desire, what your body craves.” Dean moved his hips and Ethan gasped.

I am hard, why am I hard? He didn’t understand his body’s reaction to this man’s scent, touch and voice. Everything felt heightened, his senses were sharp and his body tingled. “Dean s-stop it,” Ethan tried to say, but Dean was having none of that. He moved his hips slowly on Ethan’s, making sure their members touched each other, albeit covered by layers of clothes. He rotated his hips and thrust harder, creating more friction. Both gasped from the pleasure.

Dean said, “Your body cannot lie about your desire Ethan. You can’t deny that you don’t want me, you don’t want me in you, on you and tasting you.”
Ethan heard these whispers in his ear and closed his eyes, his heart raced and his temperature rose higher from each thought of what Dean could do.
I need to stop this, I can’t do it with him… definitely not him. But it feels so good; Dan has never being this passionate.

Ethan moved his hands to push Dean away, his hands moved to his chest and he froze. The look Dean gave him was blazing hot, his body felt on fire and his chest heaved. Ethan unconsciously licked his lips and this pushed Dean over the edge. He descended swiftly and captured Ethan’s lips in a sizzling kiss, but whimpered from the tingle that passed through them. Ethan squeezed Dean’s broad chest harder and his pinky tongue flicked his nipples. Dean groaned and the movement of his hips increased in pace. The feeling was torturous for both of them, but Dean did not want to go fast, he wanted Ethan to beg, to beg for his touch.

Ethan was knocked out by the pleasure, his senses were tossed here and there and his rational thought disappeared. All that was left was the feeling, the fire, the pleasure, the kiss. The kiss burned his mind and marked his soul, it cause his body to spasm and mind to break. He moved on impulse, pulling Dean closer to him, he returned the kiss with equal passion, pouring everything he had felt today into it, silently begging for solace, warmth and love.

Dean froze and retracted himself from Ethan. Why is he giving himself to me, this passion mixed with pain? He knew something was wrong. Ethan would never give himself up, he would fight harder. Dean knew the man he secretly loved; he was a principled person and would never cheat. He knew because he had always watched both Dan and Ethan together and he wanted that too albeit with Ethan.

“Ethan what is wrong?” Dean was stunned for a while, tears fell from Ethan face. Ethan shoulders trembled as he tried to control his emotion. “Ethan tell me what happened,” Dean pressed on to know why his man was hurt, his eyes screamed pain and it was raw. He felt helpless, but angrier. Who hurt his man?

“Make me forget Dean, please, make it all go away,” Ethan replied, his voice timid. He moved from under Dean and stood for a minute “I want you to make love to me, just for tonight.”

Ethan slowly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed them away. His lean upper body flexed with this action and the different color on his fair skin made him gorgeous. He took Dean’s hands and drew him up, wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him. The skin to skin touching was pure bliss, for Dean it was dream come true. He wrapped his arms around Ethan’s waist and pulled him harder to him, he wanted him so much not just for tonight, but every night.

Their lips moved in sync, twisting and turning them both wanted more. Ethan pulled Dean’s hair causing the larger man to groan and his member throb harder. He thrust his tongue in, tasting, licking, and sucking. Ethan felt possessed, watching from the sideline as the unknown being took control. Moving and grinding against Dean, he wasn’t satisfied and craved more.

Dean cupped his ass and squeezed, the smaller man moan and it was the best sound he ever heard. He trailed his kissed down his throat, to his collar bone and sucked on the flesh, nipping on the tender flesh making such to leave mark of tonight. He looked up and gazed at the man who stole his heart, but wasn’t his. His eyes glazed in pleasure and lips quivering.

“Are you sure mon amour? There is no turning back after this…” He asked more for himself than Ethan. It would crush him if the other man ignored him later on “… I will not allow you to forget ever.” He promised to make Ethan his.

“Do it Dean, fait moi tiens.” Dean led Ethan to the bed and gently lowered him onto the sheet, not once breaking their kiss. He moved his lips back to Ethan’s collarbone, sucking and biting them, marking his territory. His hands held Ethan’s tightly, willing his love to him as his lips ministered to his upper body.

“Dean, oh Dean,” Ethan moaned out loud and struggled to release his hands, to hold Dean. Dean tortured him, using his mouth, he tormented Ethan’s nipples. He moved around them, nipping around their edges while his hips moved on Ethan’s groin. The friction was too much but it was divine. Ethan moved together with Dean, both of them rocking their hips together wanting to ease the ache they felt. “Dean, please suck them, suck my nipples.”

Dean descended on them, drawing one between his teeth while his fingers played with the other, switching actions at intervals. “Tell me what else you want, baby, tell me what you desire,” Dean said, but not giving him the chance to gathered his words, before he stole his senses.

“Dean, touch me, please touch me.” But touch him where, everything wanted his touch.

“Touch you where? Tell me where you want my touch,” Dean probed further; he wanted Ethan to tell him his desire.

“Touch me down there. It hurt so much.” Ethan wrestled his hands free, grabbed Dean’s hand and pushed it down to his crotch. “Right there,” Ethan added. He moved Dean’s hand up down, enjoying the feeling.

“As you wish.” Dean took over and stroked his member through the fabric, rubbing it hard through the rough surface. Whimpers rose from Ethan’s throat and he rocked his hips along to the stroke. Dean stopped his movements, went to Ethan’s belt and unbuckled it. He undid the zippers and pulled both Ethan’s pants and boxers down and tossed it away. Ethan’s length jumped free and bounced around, hard and throbbing, it enjoyed its freedom. Dean enjoyed the movement and the sight of Ethan naked before him. Finally what he had always wanted, dreamt about every night, was before him.

“Touch it,” came Ethan’s voice low and heavy with pleasure and that caused Dean’s muscle to clench.

Does he know what he does to me? Dean doubted Ethan knew, or he would have been careful not rile him up.

Dean got out of his leather pants, he did not have a boxer on and Ethan noticed this. He looked at Dean with hooded eyes. Was he expecting this? What if I turned him down? Ethan just couldn’t understand this man. He was gorgeous, perfectly sculptured from his nose, sharp jaw line, to his pecs, abs, down to his thighs. He worked out a lot and this showed on his physique. There was no ounce of fat, only thick bulging muscles. Ethan was surprised when he licked his lips What are you doing to me Dean?

Something bounced from the corner of Ethan’s eyes and he looked down. Ethan had never felt so scared, or was it the rush of adrenaline. Gosh, he is massive.

Dean enjoyed the way Ethan’s eyes roamed his body, he purposely stood taller and flex his muscles, and when he licked his lips, he had never felt so proud of his hard work. I guess the late hours at the gym were worth it. But what made his ego build up was the uncertainty in Ethan eyes. Dean had always been complimented about the length and size of his girth, but having the one he desired most looking at it in wonder was pure bliss to every man.

“Don’t worry my sweet. I’ll be gentle,” Dean said to calm his lover’s nerves. He definitely didn’t want him running.

Ethan was knocked back to the present. “Dean you are huge. How? Dan isn’t half of you.” The words fell out of his mouth before he could stop it. Ethan looked at Dean with a shy gaze. I can’t believe I said that.

To Dean it was everything he longed to hear, well one of those things. Pride swelled in him. Ethan had had limited sexual partners and he would be the last and only one. “Well, would you like to feel it?” Dean wanted that the more, but first he wanted to give his lover’s length a little appreciation for obeying his call. Dean climbed on the bed and kissed his way down from Ethan’s Achilles, pestering kisses here and there while rubbing his thigh.

Kissing his inner thigh, Ethan’s moan grew louder, maybe it was the anticipation of his lips reaching his sex or the tingle each kiss left on his sensitive skin.

Dean didn’t go as expected and moved to the back of Ethan’s thigh to his ass cheek and a lick to his hole, Ethan went wanton. “DEAN!”

Dean turned Ethan on his chest, his knee to the bed and ass up in the air, he spanked the right cheek and his hand grabbed Ethan’s throbbing length and stroked it. The action caused Ethan to groan in pleasure and pain. He squeezed the bed cover tightly and buried his face in the pillow to swallow his moans.

“You like that, Ethan?” Dean asked slowly, using his hand to pleasure Ethan’s girth with slow strokes and his lips. He pestered kisses and licks, but not touching the hole. It puckered and begged for attention, but was not given.

“Again Dean, do it again. Use your tongue, it feels so good,” Ethan begged amidst moans. Dan had never done that, well he could count the times they have ever being intimate and it was a ridiculously low number, even though they have been lovers four years. Now he could see just how much he was ignorant of their relationship. Ethan held on because he loved Dan, but it was never enough. He guessed it wasn’t Dan’s fault, he was a man with needs and Ethan was never a loud person about his desire, he was terribly shy.

Dean obeyed his lover’s demand and went in full force. Sucking on the tender flesh, Ethan’s head buzzed with bliss. He didn’t know what he was doing, but he was soaring on cloud nine. The combination of the stroke to his member and the monster eating his ass was mind-blowing. He felt his body tremble, his knees gave way but Dean supported him back to position.

“Damn, Ethan. Your ass tastes so divine, so delicious,” Dean said between licks. He had finally tasted his love and it was beyond his dreams. Dean was drunk on the sweet essence and he craved more and more. His hunger gave way for more licks and sucking, he wanted him all.

“Ahh, Dean, please no more. I want more, more.” The words tumbled out. His plea was lost to his ear. If Ethan knew this was how he acted, he would be a tomato right now. “Yes. Yes. Yes!” Ethan rocked his ass back on Dean’s face with each word as it came out. His senses were heightened and his hole felt extra sensitive, his member oozed pre cum, it dripped on the bed.

Dean withdrew his lips and observed his handiwork. The hole was slick and saliva dripped from the hole, he smiled, pleased with his work. He produced a lube from the drawer that stood beside the bed, courtesy of the club. Ethan was still lost in his head, trying to come back from cloud nine.
Dean dripped some lube on Ethan’s hole and massaged it around. The hole opened up on reflex and he dripped more in the hole. Dean coated one hand with lube, he got under Ethan’s opened leg, widened his knee. This action brought Ethan’s girth closer to his mouth and lowered his ass. Dean swallowed the tip and pushed his middle finger slowly into Ethan’s ass, stroking his wall.

“Fuck Dean!” Ethan moaned out loud and rocked his hips, wanting his member to go in deeper into that warm hot mouth. Dean continued, not affected by Ethan’s movement. He paid attention to every part of Ethan’s crotch, from the crown to the base felt the warmth of his mouth. He twirled his tongue around the tongue while his hands continue to probe, searching for something.

“DEAN! FUCK!” Ethan shouted. I found it. He continued to massage it, scratched and rubbed against it with it finger, his mouth continued to suck the tender head while his other hand stroke the base of Ethan’s crotch. His lover was of impressive length and he loved that. His hand strummed up and down from his lover’s length earning loud moans from Ethan’s lips.
Ethan didn’t know who to hold on to. He kept soaring in his mind, his body wanting to hold on to something in case he fell. The electric current was too much; he felt that his brain was overcharged. He knew he couldn’t hold on much longer, he was close, too close. I want it to last longer; I want to see the light.

Dean felt Ethan’s hole clench harder and harder against his finger, his hip movement lost rhythm and was chasing something in mad frenzy. He increased the movement of his action and he massaged that treasure he found harder. His hands moved faster on Ethan’s dick and when he felt his lover was close to his chase, he stopped.

Dean moved away from Ethan, wore his leather pant and said, “Time is up Ethan. My services are over.” Ethan couldn’t comprehend what happened, he was almost there, almost at the door only to be yanked back. He blinked once then twice, memories of his action flooded his brain and he turned beet red. I can’t believe I did that. He couldn’t look Dean in the eyes and murmured an okay.

“You know where to find me if you want more or here is my number for a private and longer service.” Dean dropped his number and walked away from his love. It was hard but it was needed. Ethan needed to understand the difference between him and Dan. Dean hoped Ethan will call him back, but the other man was covered up in embarrassment. Dean sighed deeply, but he wouldn’t give up.
“I’ll call you,” came a timid, but certain voice. Dean had never felt so accomplished. He walked out with a hop in his steps.

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