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Simultaneous Equation

Hearts are variables
wanting to be numbers.
And each heart is capable
of being an even or odd number.

She is the ‘x‘ in my equation:
my perfect motivation;
until I substituted other ladies by subtraction,
I couldn’t solve the equation.

She said to me “you are the ‘y‘ in my equation:
‘my valuable selection’;
‘until I eliminated other men through addition,
then I could solve the equation.”

In the graphical representation;
she is the horizontal coordinates
that complemented my vertical coordinates.
The gradient of her curve is perfect,
and we have a rare intersect.

She is a perfect square
that can’t be solved by trial and error methods.
My positive integer,
that is even in the midst of odds.

We are the ‘x‘ and ‘y‘ in a double linear equation.
Though we are transformed into a quadratic equation;
our valve of ‘x‘ and ‘y‘ got no alteration.

She is my number one in binary operation.
I’m her number one in denary operation.
We are the one plus one in every addition,
the answers to every difficult equation.

She is my newly discovered formula
that made me really popular.
I would be incomplete without her decimal.
For she is my simple interest while I’m her principal.

Our love tale is a mathematical equation;
a solving of a simultaneous equation.
We are a joy to behold,
a perfect pair never to grow old.

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