S.M.S—Street Mega Somtin

S.M.S—Street Mega Somtin data-src=

Mek una com mek we dey alrite,
com mek we bubble like kul sprite.
Dis lyf yu can’t coman kii yur sef
becos if you kpai, yur stori go end sef.

Na im mek for street wey we dey
we no get time for pipo wey na odey.
As e dey hot we dey pampanini,
evribodi with im own magani.

For we street na mega somtin,
shayo buta with evritin.
Shodi don dey kpana
and moni dey wara-wara.

Pesin go parti
sote im eyes go dorti.
No bi yu kii Abacha
so com dey do sha-sha-sha.

Wetin yu gain if yu no flex.
Wetin yu com gain if yu com dey vex.
Street mega somtin na to kul bodi,
oya mek una com, yu and evribodi.

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Chima Daniel is a guy that loves to relate his environment and literary piece. He loves poems, traveling and browsing.


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