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Let’s Do This Again

Electrifying smooching,
Amplifying caressing,
Gratifying kissing;
You left me relishing for another moment with you.

Your luscious lips
and sumptuous hips,
got me petrified
and crazily satisfied.

Your booty buds
was my telescope.
And your juicy jugs
a meal that made me cope.

In piercing moaning,
palpable juicy squirting
and rhythmic squirming;
the vibes seemed endless.

I felt like a prince in El Dorado
in a hot tub without tuxedo.
The fragrance from your skin magnetized my soul
like a lost soul heading to Sheol.

I had the best time with you
I think we should do this again.
I got your number so I’ll call you for the details.
This is my guarantee.

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