Give Me An Atom Chance

Give Me An Atom Chance—ZenPens

If I could rewrite history
and undo my careless mistakes
that would be my biggest victory
and a feat that would define my stakes.

I’ve been an irritating wasp that have sucked your peace.
A buzzing bee hovering around your head and causing you much unease.
I am like the stubborn stain of grease
giving you a restive time unwilling to cease.

I deserve the caustic treatment,
because I brought you untold torment.
I’m guilty of all you’ve accused me
and I’m unworthy to say “there is still we.”

All along you’ve been at the receiving end,
and I’ve been an awful friend.
I’ve been your potholes in every bend
and calamitously, I caused your emotions to descend.

If ladies were mountains
you are an Everest among them.
For you turned my taunting complaints
into a soothing anthem.

I’m really sorry for all that I’ve caused you:
the ranting spells,
the raging swells,
the degrading yells,
the consuming hells…
I don’t deserve forgiveness.

I don’t deserve a second chance.
I’ve always said I’ll make it up to you
but I end up screwing things up more than before.
If there exist another chance
it would be another fallacy of my making.

But at this moment I acknowledge my faults.
I resign to be your daily insults.
Let me be your probational results;
for I ask not for another chance
just give me an atom chance
and that would be enough for my guilty soul.

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