My Mind’s Mirror

My Mind's Mirror—ZenPens

Once upon her mind,
I found the reason for living.
A discovery that reset my whole being
and gave me a new dimension to my sole existence.

Once upon my past,
I was lost to in a relationship maze.
Groping for freedom like a rat held in a fancy trap.
I was detained by a gamut of thoughts
that rendered me void and naught.

Once upon my present
she became the magic wand
that blotted all the consequences of my mistakes.
I’m alive and refreshed
like a newly baked cake.
And she garnished my being with icing and spicing of her love.

Once upon my mind,
I could see her reflection in me.
Her touch of perfection brightening my soul
and her kiss of affection strengthening my heart.
Her image in my mind
is the present hope I find,
a mirror to my blind mind.

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Chima Daniel is a guy that loves to relate his environment and literary piece. He loves poems, traveling and browsing.


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