Clothed with an adored parcel
Myrrh from the center of affair
Like the shield of an eagle
Googling the world in guile.
Love saved in double
Forgiving in double
Even though the act is double.

Peace is released by love tremendously
Without struggling with guile.
Forgiveness is embedded in love
Without digging, even lost welcome love to is tent
Without introducing love, but itself as love.
Birds are lifted-up as love for air
To assist in love.
Lies walkway from love
Because love is intrinsic in love.

Play with love and love will give you love.
Patience smiles always, because the ways of love is patient.
Endurance adopts patience as brother
Friends stretch as the bonds of an ant.
Love has a name
Its name is character
An expression of love
The entity of love
Structured and painted by the owner of love.
This is suitable for love to express
But an enemy of deception came
To draw a line in between.
With all this, love still express itself
Because love cannot be hindered.

Love sacrifices, giving death an invention
For the freedom of its beloved.
The quality of love is not in quantity but in love.
Love never quantifies but qualifies.
To love is the best for man to pursue
Because the world is formed in love.

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