King of Hearts

King of Hearts—ZenPens

Ring the bell,
unroll the royal furs,
spread the red petals.
Let’s welcome the King of Hearts.

Let the finest dancers display their stunts.
Let the mighty men of valor guide the rear and the fronts.
Let the roses kiss his feet.
Clear the street!
Make way for the King of Hearts!

Who is the King of Hearts?
Who is he that command this respect?
Who is he that deserve this type of treat?
For the maidens of the city are absorbed in curiosity.

The King of Hearts?
He is the mender of hearts,
the capsule of real romance.
He finds torn hearts
and make them hearts of diamond.

He is the man of every woman’s dream.
A lighthouse of hope to the brokenhearted,
and overhauls the worn out hearts.

He is the husband of all
but married to none.
As alpha wolf of his clan,
he pride in protecting lives.

A mortal with immortal traits,
he is not deceived by looks or fading beauty.
He is the totem of morality
and the hourglass of integrity.

The women of the land are safe under his watch.
His wrist bears the scale of justice
and on his shoulder is the burden of widows.

The crown on his brow is an insignia of his responsibilities.
His voice produce the sound of certainties.
He is not turned on by anything petty
or mere curves of the pretty.

The King of Hearts,
Is kingly both in words and in acts.
He is that man that sees women as goddesses
and treat them not like a sex doll.
All hail! The King of Hearts!

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