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Wetin We No Go See?

E don tay wey khaki no bi leda,
dis na why ogbono no fit turn okoho soup.
Wetin dey hapun for we nation
don dey mek Adamu dey mumu dey go.

Wetin com carri old papa hand go enta small pikin nyash?
Abi dey nyash don turn gloves
or na eba and egusi soup?

Wetin com carri old mama com go carri belle for im durta oga?
Abi shi drink sapele wata
or shi wan tie new rapa.

Wetin carri omoge go meet Alhaji for bush?
Abi bush don turn to hotel
or na where her bodi go dey kul le.

Wetin carri Alaya go slap Soji?
Abi im no know say dem go tell am mek him swim for gutta
or mek him use im mouth do press up.

Wetin carri pasto go enta Ashawo house?
Abi im think say devil no dey go church
or na dem go bring am go luck.

Wetin we no go see?
Gbese evri where.
Kasala don ripe like mango
and we countri don wear wondo.

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  1. This is a great work. Chima, write more.. I see you outstand with pidgin poetry because no one is really in that train with you.

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