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Bloody Mary

Her tiny room was gloomy, it reeked of decaying wood and mildew. The only source of light was the moon’s reflective glow that penetrated through her patched up, and stained curtain. She exhaled softly, and opened the curtain a little bit wider.

Mary lived alone in her parents’ cabin that was located slightly inside the woods; it was the only possession she obtained from her dead parents. They died a long time ago, from supernatural causes, nobody could explain what really caused their deaths.

That left her with no friends, kids of her age were scared of her, her social life was partially trapped in a box, a box she couldn’t open, life wasn’t worth living in her condition.

Out of the corners of her room, her floorboard creaked, something walked towards her, she couldn’t see it. It was really, really dark inside her room. The figure walked towards her, its shape taking a weird form. It belated.

“Awwwn, Alfred, come here,” she said softly, as her little lamb ran to her open arms, snuggled on her, and positioned himself on her laps.

“You naughty lamb you,” she said happily, her mood seemed to be lightened up for a minute. The lamb bleated again, and Mary hugged him. “You’re the best friend in the whole wide world,” she said gently, as she stroked his little ears. The lamb stirred and bleated in response.


The next morning, very early, it was still dark a little outside. Mary got up from bed feeling nauseous, it was time for school. Normally she went very late to avoid other students, because the looks they gave her weren’t encouraging.

They called her names, names like, “What’s up orphan Mary?”

“Morning, Weirdo.”

So going very late was kinda her thing, plus it helped her with thinking, and it made her feel special. But she rebuked the feeling this morning, she decided she was going to go very early today.

“Alfred, you ready for school?”

Bleh, bleh,” responded her furry friend.

After few minutes of preparation, she left the house with her lamb, it was practically 5:30am.

It was really cold outside, the moon still visible on the sky, she yawned and walked to school.

“Ugh! It’s really cold outside. Wish I wore my cardigan.”

Alfred sneezed, and walked on. “Well, aren’t you going to say something?” she said to a very cold Alfred. She got no response. “Very well then,” she said dryly.

Arriving at school, it was really dark, and empty, she walked slowly to her classroom, Alfred sneezing behind her, as he walked slowly behind her.

Entering class, the windows were closed, it was cold, dark and quiet inside. The class smelt of copper, stacks and rows of dusty chairs occupied the whole room. “Bleh,” bleated her little lamb, in an odd way.

”Yeah, I know,” replied Mary, “it stinks in here. Where the hell is the light switch?”

“Bleh, bleh,” bleated the lamb a little aggressively this time.

“Hey, shush, Alfred, I’m trying to locate the switch.”

She walked awkwardly around the class peeled off painted walls, using her palms feel the wall, trying to locate the switch. “Can’t believe I’ve been in this school for years, and still can’t locate the damn switch.”


“Oh my gosh, Alfred, thought I fed you this morning? Stop acting all strange.”

The lamb bowed his little head away in shame, and bleated softly.

“Okay, seen it.”

Mary gave the switch a twist, before the light’s luminous glow invaded the whole room, Mary felt a heavy pressure on her head, an impact she didn’t expect. The brute force knocked her out, with traces of blood on her lips.

Half conscious, she heard voices. “Do you think she’s alright?” said a grumpy old voice.

“That doesn’t matter,” said a female. I think she saw us, we can’t take that risk.”

“What then do we do?” said the grumpy dude.

The female thought for a while, and then said, “We kill her, and throw her corpse in that abandoned cursed church.”

The grumpy fella laughed, his voice echoed throughout the entire class, he coughed a little and added, “What about her dumb lamb?

“We kill it too, and dump it with her cold corpse.”

Mary tried to say something, but she couldn’t, she felt warm viscous liquid drool at the back of her head, she figured it must be blood, she was dying slowly.

Two years later…

A small door squeaked open, revealing a small apartment. Two people walked in tiredly, their faces looked exhausted. They were all sweaty, and panting heavily. Sweat was oozing out of their bodies.

“Don’t make me do that again, babe. Please!” Dave said to his girlfriend, as he gasped for breath. He walked inside his small parlour, crashed on his sofa. Letting the softness swallow him.

His girlfriend walked towards him, closing their squeaky door behind her. “Honey,” she started softly, as she sat closer to him on the sofa. “You needed that exercise, remember what the doctor said?”

Dave sighed, then said calmly, “Why did you make us go the extra mile? Did the doctor recommended that too?”

Susan laughed out heartily, then said, “You’re one big lazy baby.”

Dave rolled his eyes, then replied slowly to her, “I’m going to hit the shower, join me, and let’s see who’s lazy.” He smirked afterwards.

“You pervert,” she laughed and chuckled.

Few minutes later, Dave was inside the bathroom, warm water dripping on his head, he smiled. “La la la la la la la la la,” he hummed softly, “… oh yeah!”

Warm water kept dripping down his face. He reached for his shampoo conditioner, twisted the lid open, applied a reasonable amount on his head, and started scrubbing. The aroma filled the whole room in seconds, his hair and face was clouded with foam, he coughed, he was a little allergic to the smell. He couldn’t see anything, he yelled, “Susan!” There was no reply. “Susan, you there?”

“Susie, I’d appreciate if you get your big booty over here and scrub my back.”

Still no response. He wanted to say something again, when he heard the bathroom open, he couldn’t see anything, but he suspected it was Susan. “Are you going deaf? Baby, why didn’t you reply?” he said, as he wrapped his long lanky fingers crossed her waist, and drew her closer for a kiss.
He felt his erection twitching slightly against her thighs.

“Kiss me,” he whispered in her ears.

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.” A small quick pause, then, “Mary had a little lamb, and now he’s dead.

That was the horrendous voice he heard. With instinct he drew back, wiped his soapy eyes clean.

Fear crept over him, he felt the walls closing in on him. What he saw next shocked the “BRAVE” out of him.

It was the girl he and his girlfriend murdered two years ago in cold blood. She looked rotten, smelt putrid, she still had the same clothes on, the blood stains from the knife stab still visible.

Before Dave could dash for the door, he felt a force, a force that stopped him abruptly, his whole body felt paralyzed, his bones stiffened. He felt pressure on his neck, an invisible hand was choking him hard, he groaned, gasped for air and grunted. His eyes were tearing up.

“St–o–op, st–oo, stoo–p, it. Ple–aa–se,” he managed to gasp out.

Mary had a little lamb.

Before Dave could even register her words, he felt a sharp pain in his neck. His neck snapped, and he dropped dead immediately. His lifeless body landed hard on the cold moist tiled floor.

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