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B.A.D—Beautiful And Dark

Let’s go back in time
to redo the dark sublime.
When dark angels in their prime
saw love as a crime.

Angels in bikinis
drawn to only blooded penis.
Their thirst for blood
is unquenchable even with blood flood.

Angels of Asgardian beauty
bewitching the heart of men.
And men of service and duty
were crushed in a vampire’s den.

Their beauty is bold
with darkness untold.
And Memphian looks of gold
still killed the nobles of old.

And the dungeon of Gehenna swell
with the pile of men who thought ‘all is well’.
They saw the beauties from without
and died as slaves and cast outs.

And pretty angels basked in twilight
in gusto and in might.
For their spoils were attracted to beauty
and they wipe them without feelings of guilty.

And till this day
men are still killed this way.
Most beauties are dark
yet most men will give them a higher mark.

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