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A Night Of Beautiful Terror

It was dark and rainy, the cloud produced hit jams as the cloud and the ground remixed their rhythm. I had wanted to study for my biology test practical coming up the next morning but the thunderous sounds of rain wouldn’t let me. So I decided to watch the moonlight beauty, as I stood up walking down to do window in my pyjamas. Then came a loud knock slamming at the door.

“Who is it?” I asked, shaking like a featherless chicken who had barely escaped death from its owners who wanted to use it for Sunday stew.

“It is me, Nneka,” came a tiny voice from the direction of the continued knock.

“You? who?” I asked as the noisy raindrops wouldn’t let me hear a thing the voice uttered.

“It is me oo, Nneka. Please open the door,” the voice said again.

“Nneka?” I said, trying to recall where I had heard the name before now. “Oh Nneka!” I shouted as I recalled she was my father’s niece. I rushed to the door

“Come in please,” I said while unlocking the door and letting her in. She was soaked all over. I hurried to get a dry blanket to cover her, but I felt a chilling hand drag me back in full force.

“No please, there is no time for that, we have to run now,” came her quivering voice.

“Run?” I asked in total confusion, as I didn’t understand what she meant.

“Hurry, pack up, they would soon be here!” she said, packing up some of the food stuffs we had in the house and putting them into a Ghana-Must-Go bag.

“Wait, stop! What is go—?”

Trat–tat–tat! The gun barked loudly and the bullets whizzed like mosquitoes and tore through the front door, whacking straight into Nneka’s left arm. There was blood everywhere.

Nneka who was grunting in pain quickly got up, dragged me by the hand and we both dashed out the window, landing on the garbage can. We hid inside the garbage can covering ourselves with garbage so as to prevent the men who after bringing down the door of our house, went in search of us.
There was silent as we couldn’t hear them anymore. I helped Nneka up, untied the net scarf I had used to secure my hair from troubling my face when I finished having my bath to begin studying for my test practical, and tied it on Nneka’s wound.

In a bemused state I asked, “Nneka what is going on?”

“I can’t talk to you about it now and here, we need to find a safe place to go before these men come back in search of us,” Nneka said, struggling to support her wounded arm.

“No! You need to tell me what is going on, who are those men and why are were they chasi—?”

“Hey, you there, turn around,” came a strident masculine voice capable of destroying one’s ear drum.

“Oh please don’t harm us,” I said in a tremulous tone, shaking like I was going to’ drop dead the next minute.

“Don’t move,” he said as he moved closer. To my greatest surprise it was Tony , my boyfriend who I thought was out of town because of his call-to-bar ceremony coming up on the Friday of the upper week.

“What is going on here?” I asked with the most confused look on my face.

Nneka who was already laughing and untying the scarf from her arm fell to the ground in so much laughter shouting, “Say Yes! Say Yes!”

I turned, only to find my boyfriend Tony kneeling with a sparkling silvery ring and a ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ love card note in his hands. I couldnt help but cry, laugh and cry again

“This is the worst prank ever in my life. But who were those guys that shot at us? And see, Nneka is injured or is it also a prank wound?” I asked pointing at Nneka with so much anxiousness.

“Oh those were fireworks and rubber bullets that hit Nneka’s shoulder pad filled with red paint. And for the guys searching for you, they are Frank, Ugochukwu and Oliver, the new guys from the art department of our school,” he said, laughing like a moron.

I wanted to slap and kiss him at the same time. I didn’t even know what to say; I was speechless and motionless, pondering what had just happened which happened to be an ‘engagement prank.’

Then his charming voice came, asking the words, “Will you marry me?” in excitement. I said yes, as tears rolled down my cheeks as he slid the ring on my finger, and at the time giving me a passionate kiss.

As for Nneka the actress, she had already started texting each of our friends about the wedding date we haven’t even discussed about.

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