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The Rejected Fufu

Nobody wanted to eat fufu. The fufu has been in the fridge for the past two weeks, we were all forming fresh guys, eating pizza, shawarma and the rest of them. I only ate lunch at Mega Chicken or Mr Biggs. I could have stayed home and prepared a nice meal but I was too rich. I needed something bigger. Michael bought suya like it’s biscuit, David buys anything that looks good, Chidi was crazy about shawarma, Moses would kill for pizza. Then we exhausted all our money and hunger was fierce this time around.

There was complete silence in the room. Here we go again, no food. None of us could speak, it hurt our stomachs to form words. All five of us stayed quiet, myself, David, Michael, Moses, Chidi. We were lying down, looking up at the ceiling, wishing it would turn to into cake or maybe bread. I’m a Christian, and yeah, once or twice I tried turning our pillow to bread just like how Jesus turned stone to bread but it just wouldn’t work. I was hungry, we were hungry.

All hope for food that night was lost, neither was there hope for tomorrow’s feeding. We only had the fufu which we had abandoned in the fridge. No soup, no ingredients, not even maggi, just fufu.

I couldn’t keep the silence anymore. “Let’s swallow this fufu like that na, even if it’s just once, I don’t want to hear that five of us slept and some didn’t wake o,” I said.

No one answered so I went to the fridge and opened the plate where the fufu was. It took almost all my strength not to collapse, the smell was so bad, I covered it back immediately and went to lie down like one who’s heart has been broken.

Shebi, na you hungry dey wipe pass, go swallow am na,” Moses mocked.

“You people are making noise o,” David complained.

“Who is you people?” Michael challenged.

“Let’s just hold our hands and pray together so that we will all wake up tomorrow o,” Chidi appealed and that was the last word for the night.

It was 7:53 am.

I ate so much in my dream that night, it was a painful thing I couldn’t bring the left over home. I woke up first, then David, then Chidi and Moses, then Michael.

There was slow motion in the house, taking our steps one after the other. We were like China phones, if we dared fall, it would just be adieu brother. Sis Zioner who used to give food and sometimes money was not around, she had travelled. I went outside, saw a neighbour’s child with rice and fish.

I ran to him, he was just two years old. I just needed to help him blow his hot food to be cold.

“Let me feed you,” I said collecting the spoon from him immediately without waiting for his response. His elder brother, Jude was eating too, he also needed help and who was I not to help little children?

Just as I was about taking my first spoon (my commission), David, Chidi, Michael, and Moses all came out. The food’s aroma had dragged them out, and they were also interested in helping the boys.

These boys na my friends o, make una let me blow their food na,” I said.

Okay, them be our enemy abi?” Moses asked.

“Abi we no get breeze for mouth?” Michael added.

“See let’s just help them one after the other
So we won’t fight,” David suggested.

“You guys can’t come and join my help. started it so let me finish it,” I said.

“No, we can’t let you finish it alone, we are your friends and should be able to help you always,” Michael argued.

“Thank you, I don’t need your help,” I retorted.

We were still arguing when the boys’ mum called them inside.

Las las, na thunder go fire all of una enemies of progress,” I said to my friends.

It was 5pm already, we’ve become like lizards, walking with both our hands with our belly on the ground, I was so vexed. I took my singlet, tied my nose so hard that I could hardly breath and went straight to the fufu.

I had eve (the coke flavor), I poured it in a jug of water. This was hard but I had to save my life.

I washed my hands, took a handful of fufu and bit by bit, I swallowed. Then I used the eve juice to wash it down. My friends had no choice but to join me. It took a while of staring, but las las, they all joined me.

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