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Sleep, Oh Roseville, Sleep

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
Perched a small town, our home so dear
Humble as it was, to us it was paradise
Happy people, the calm river, and lively skies

The hills were endowed with roses so wild
The air was laced with their fragrance, sweet and mild
This paradise became as a dream that fades with the night
As doomsday intruded with bloodthirst and spite

They came with daggers and machetes and axes
I wish they wore masks, that I never saw those rough faces
Like a pack of wolves, they marched through our streets
Everything that could breathe, falling at their feet

They hacked and they cut, they stabbed and they sliced
With cold steel and rusted blades, they stabbed and they sliced
And Roseville fell, Oh! Roseville died
So soon, so quick; there wasn’t time to cry

I saw bodies that laid so still, like they never knew life
Some had no heads, some were slashed with a knife
I watched in horror, I watched in grief, silently praying
Things went blurry, then black; and I awoke to a perfect Roseville morning

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