Yearning Heart

Yearning Heart—ZenPens

The premises of the church,
or the church itself,
should I say,
was not appealing to her,
she honestly declared to me.
I find it boring and,
drifts to sleep in no time,
whenever I’m in church;
these were her words,
when I asked the reason
the church locked horns with her.
Persuasions, stories and all measures
I know in reaching out to souls
bathed in prayer and grace of
were in good rapport with me,
and I was sedulous with them,
I’m reaching out to a soul,
souls yeilding to Christ,
but a twinge in my heart
she’s causing,
Here’s my evangelism,
bringing forth romanticism;
her smile is just the right
medication to my ills,
beautiful legs she’s got,
with steps that had now
turned rhythm and blues,
in my music of emotions
explicating one of her names,
she should be cherished
to sleep and woken,
to unending cherish.
My emotions will not
control my spiritual wellbeing,
I receive a gracious ability to
balance them both,
what’s my conclusion then?
I’ll oversee my emotions spiritually.
Baby, let’s pray and play,
groan and moan,
advancing also in the word of God.
I love you, but love God
more, more and more.

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