Mosque Rat

Let it not be that
When things fall apart
And you’re no longer at ease
You’d refuse to blossom
Like purple hibiscus and not see
Even half of a yellow sun because of
The thing around your neck.

Surely, church rats got
Jotters and fliers to feed on,
But the mosque is empty.
Hence, we should say, “mosque rat”
’cause, they are more wretched.
(Sarcasm tho’)

Moreso, it’s belittling, ascribing
A scribe to God’s bossom.
Forget the idiom!
God takes it personal.

Albeit, prime is the time that
Seasoned away our primetime like thyme
Whilst we wallowed around
And brought the wall low.

Never again should you say, “church rat”.
It’s high level of degradation.
Ah! The grade dey shun!
I tell you…

Take for a sample:
“Herbalists are as poor as
Mosque rats because they’re
Not in Abba’s list.”

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