Chapter 22—ZenPens

Chapter 22


I watched you go through situations that should melt diamonds, how you’re being refined and processed like crude oil.

You’ve had ups and downs, depressing and happy moments. You’ve inspired and have been inspired.

You’ve made friends and lost family.

You’ve observed growth, maturity and increase in high places.

How you’ve come a long way in a short while is of utter bewilderment.

On this same day in the 90s, God smiled at mindkind and approved your birth, it came alongside joy and gladness to all and sundry.

As you go through Chapter 22 of this story of life, I hope you find life more interesting and enjoyable.

I hope you don’t cross paths with depression and frustration, I hope life smiles back at you.

I pray you more reasons to laugh, and sincere happiness your lips to kiss.

I feel pride to carry this body of yours as I am dazzled at every conscious step you take towards starlight..

Cheers to the man you’re becoming.

Yours sincerely, Myself

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