The Lie

Behind the fancy smile
a bulk of her has gone an infinite mile.
Unsearchable floating desires
tainting her lovely hues and fires.
She is a petrel in the daytime
and a penguin in coordinated heart crime.
Alluring Egyptian beauty
but cunning and synced with cruelty.
A typhoon leveling all she touches
as shreds of innocent emotions splattering where she matches.
In the morning when she wakes up
her true nature is seen without make-up.
Like a decorated tomb
her inside is a staled womb.
Castrated and wild men fell for her juice
but landed in fracas and dead end truce.
How many of her bounties have you seen?
or her coveted heartbreak parties have you been?
She is a graduate of falsity
a trained marshal in plasticity.
A dry wood covered with tinsel
and a dynamite coated with diamond shell.
The lie is both transverse and longitudinal
affecting every soul whether cardinal or nominal.

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