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Her hair, dark whorl
And ears of sentinel view.

Her eyelashes, lustre black
And sclera of snowy white.

Her nose bridge, ivory tall
And cheek of Delphian wall.

Her lips, red glossy soft.
And chin of thespian wood.

Her neck, a Pisa tower
And breasts are gauged juicy jug.

Her navel, sparkling ball
And bust of pearly frame

Her hip, sapphire’s curve
And butt of onion mounds.

Her arms, tinsel stem
And hands of plastic soft.

Her thighs, heaven’s gate
And knees of onyx tensility.

Her legs, linear geometry
And feet of pepitan glory.

How can a girl be so pretty?
She is beyond that girl found on Instagram.
A real definition of complete beauty;
She is a Sexygram.

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