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My Rules

People always say,
“You’ll be fine”
Sometimes I say it to myself too
Just to make the pain go away
But it doesn’t.

How the fuck do they know
I’ll be fine?
Most of ’em haven’t been through shit
But I have,
Tons of shit, stinky, disgusting shit

We all face challenges, I know
But, no one has been in mine
I’m literally struggling in all aspects
Of my fucking life
Tryna fix shit that are unfixable

Have you ever felt rejected
By your blood
Family members, fucking friends
And strangers?
It’s me against the world

I’m battling with everyone and everything
Love, relationship, physique,
Health, sexuality, religion,
Mindset and finance
I feel cursed.

Do you ever feel like this?
Like you’re not needed
I do, every fucking time
The world hates me
I’m a freak of nature

These days I feel empty
Like I’m in a dark place
Walking endlessly through a maze
Going back and forth
Till the light chooses to spit me out

Nonetheless, I won’t take it anymore
I won’t be filled with pity
I won’t wait for the earth
To give me a pass mark
Fuck the world’s approval

I’ll make my own rules
And play by my rules
I’d leave a fucking slash
In their hearts
This ain’t my end.

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