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A story of a girl, Teniola Williams. She had a friend named Adamson Coker, a guy whom she began to get closer to. They did a lot of things together; they study together, played together, ate together, they even shared secrets together, until one day when they were together. Adamson had to confess his feelings he had for her, which rendered Teni speechless. She did feel the same way for him but she couldn’t just let things happen so fast so she left Adam alone.

Teni told Bimbola her best friend what happened and she warned her about boys of nowadays; that they just wanted to get between her legs and dump her. Bimbola told her that she was a beautiful girl and way more beautiful than her (Bimbola), that she should be careful on the decision she took so it won’t cost her destiny and life.

Adam was sad when he got home and thought he’d said something wrong to her until when his mother told him that they were going to Teni’s house later in the evening to have dinner.

When he and his mother Mrs. Coker got there, Teni was the one who opened the door for them. She greeted Mrs. Coker and let Adam in without saying a word to him. They got in and sat at the dining table for dinner. Teni and Adam were sitting opposite each other making eye contacts. When they were done, Teni and Adamson carried the plates to the kitchen, while Nkechi, the housemaid washed them.

At the passage back to the living room, Adam knew he had to say something, so he just said that he was sorry and that he didn’t mean to hurt her by his words to her the last time they met. Teni turned and faced him, she then left him and went her room while Adam followed her.

Inside the room, Adam was still apologizing to her. Teni told him that it was not his fault, and that she was just scared she would take the wrong decision. Teni said he shouldn’t think she didn’t feel the same for him, and she did feel the same way, and that she just needed time to think things through. Adam left her alone, he was happy to know she felt the same way.

After two weeks, at school, she bumped into Justice, Adam’s friend. They greeted each other and he asked her about the whereabouts of Adam, and she claimed that he should be fine. She then remembered that after the dinner they had last she hadn’t seen him in school, so she decided that she would pay him a visit that day.

Teni got to Adam’s house and his mother wasn’t home, he opened the let her in. She asked him why hadn’t he been in school. Adam said it was just for few days but she said it was more than days and asked what happened. He told her he was sick and that he also gave her time to think straight. She kissed him after that and that was a new beginning for them.

Two years later, it was supposed to be their last year in secondary school but she didn’t see him in school. She went visiting and no one was home, and the door was locked. When she got home she asked her father about them and he said Adam and his mother had to gone and join his father in England. She was surprised and sad, she’d left her parents to the garden behind the house, and there she remembered the things and fun she had with him and also when he said he wouldn’t leave her. She burst into tears.

She was depressed during that period, it was only her mother that noticed it with the few changes on her body. She was down seriously, even in her academics, most of the time she would be idle. Until one day she looked at herself in the mirror and knew she had to leave the house. She lied to her father to give her a cheque of one million for the charity. He gave her and she ran away with the money, leaving a letter saying that she was pregnant for Adam. She also said that the pregnancy was four months old and she was sorry for the shame she brought to them.

Teni met a lady who helped her even if she had little. She had already lied to her that she was raped by her uncle and her aunt chased her away. She gave the lady the one million cheque which she used to start a business which was booming. From there the lady, Linda took care of her and her baby girl Rose.

Years later, Teni was done with schooling and was now a lawyer with her fifteen-year-old daughter. She hardly had time for men and was always telling Aunt Linda that men were just a waste of time. She was still wounded by what Adam did to her. She went shopping with Jennifer, a friend; she was part of the people planning her wedding with her. Her friend was teasing her to get married too, that she would see a lot of cute guys and able men at her wedding, but Teni said she wasn’t going to get married again in her life that she has a kid to take care of.

At the wedding, Teni bumped into a guy who happened to be her long lost friend. She left the scene although Adam hadn’t recognized her yet. He went to meet his friend who happened to be the husband to Jennifer. They gave him details of where she lived and her name which was now Teniola Coker.

He went to their home when everyone was home. He greeted them and said he wanted to see Teni. She told her daughter to go to her room and made eye contact with Linda. They were alone and Adam started again. According to Teni, while he was saying out his feelings she was crying.

Immediately he finished, she then said, “You promised to never leave, and you left, leaving me all alone and broken-hearted. You weren’t there when I needed you most.”.

Adam then remembered everything, before he could say another word, she told him to leave.

She became depressed again. Until a fateful day, they heard a knock on their door and it was her parents with Adam. She had to tell her daughter to go to her room while Linda asked who they were. Teni told her that they were her parents, Linda looked at them with disgust and was about to drive them out but Teni said she shouldn’t, that she lied about them. She told Linda the whole story and the truth.

Her parents said that they’ve missed her and wanted her to come back home. Teni did apologize for all she did, but didn’t feel worthy to go and live with her parents. Linda called her to the kitchen and talked to her about living with her parents. She talked to her about her daughter Rose getting to know her grandparents. Teni finally changed her mind and decided to live with her parents for only a month while she looked for her own space. Her parents were happy and so was Adam. Linda escorted Teni’s parents to the gate.

While Adam and Teni were alone in the living room, Adam asked of his child since he heard that she was pregnant with his child. Teni got furious about the question and never wanted him to set eyes on his child. Due to the loud noise of her screaming, Rose came out to ask her mother what the problem was, only to find out the good looking guy staring at her. Teni just covered up the whole story and told her to go upstairs and she would be with her daughter in a minute. Adam was perplexed after Rose had left and said she looked exactly like her mother at age fifteen and Teni blushed, then replied saying that she was fifteen. The both of them just stared at each other then, Linda entered and wondered if she interrupted anything but no one answered. Teni left Adam to meet her daughter upstairs.

Teni began living with her parents along with her daughter. Adam usually ça visiting everyday but Teni never talked to him or had time for him. Adam came home, meeting his daughter and they played a lot. Rose told her mother one day that she wished her father was Adam. She also said Adam was fun to be with and he always had time for her. Rose asked her mother to marry him, but Teni refused. Teni felt she should punish Adam a little bit more for what he did to her.

Rose came home crying and her mum asked what happened. She said she was raped and molested by her school mate who had been stalking her for some days. Teni asked her why didn’t she tell her about it. Rose took her mother to school and she met Kunle the rapist. Teni asked him why he did what he did. Kunle denied Rose, saying he hasn’t met her before not to even touch her. Kunle also insulted Teni that she didn’t know how to raise her child that her child was a whore. Teni slapped him very hard.

Kunle’s parents came to school the next day to report the incident to the principal. The principal summoned both parents of the girl and boy. Teni wasn’t around so her mother called Adam to stand in her place. Adam had already known what happened and he believed his daughter. After everything the case was taken to court.

Rose was depressed and bruised and helpless she didn’t know what to do. Teni was sad about her daughter’s state and anytime she would try to talk to her she wouldn’t say a word. Adam came visiting and saw Rose’s pale look. He asked Teni if she had been like that since the beginning of the case and she told him everything that had been happening with Rose. She even told him of how she tried to commit sucide. She asked Adam to help her.

Adam went to meet Rose in her room and asked how she was doing and she replied that she was fine. Adam began to push further and played with her a little and she began opening up. She told him of how Kunle still harassed her in front of his father and they threatened that they would kill her mother if she told anyone. She said she dis want to lose her mother, that she was the only thing she had in the whole world. Rose began crying after those words and Adam consoled her until she fell asleep.

When he was resting her head on the pillow and pecked her on the head, she said that Adam should promise not to leave her and her mom and he should make her mom happy while she was away. Adam asked why she was talking that way and he still made the promise. He left her to sleep.

He got to the living room and saw Teni crying. Teni said Kunle has crossed the boundaries of everything and he and his father were going to pay for doing such a thing to her baby. Adam calmed her down a little, since the reaction made him know that Teni was there the whole time he was talking with his daughter. Teni began worrying about how they were going to win the case, since the judge was a Kunle’s uncle and he had already told Rose that he would win and get away with it. Adam told her to stop worrying and they would find a way. He wiped her tears and they made eye contact, there was silence until he began kissing her.

Teni did reciprocate, he made love to her after the incident that night. After he made love to her in her bedroom, they talked of how much they’ve missed each other for sixteen good years. They slept on same bed that night.

The next morning which was suppose to be the last day of the case, Teni woke up and didn’t find Adam on the bed. She thought he had left again and became angry. She was the lawyer defending her daughter in the case. She and her parents and daughter went to court. When everyone stood up to address the judge, a different judge came out and everyone was surprised. Kunle and his father were angry and said the court case wouldn’t take place today again, and Adam came in saying it will and told Kunle’s father that no one is above the law. The judge said the case would be done with that day and everyone sat down.

Teni and Adam made eye contact and they both smiled at each other. Rose saw them and told her grandma Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams was happy and she knew that a new beginning has started.

Teni won the case and Kunle was sent to prison for rape and abuse. Rose was happy and when the came out of the court room she ran to hug Adam and thanked him. She still did same to her mother. Her grandparents came and took her from there cause they knew Teni and her lover had things to work out. Mr. Williams gave Adam the eye contact that meant don’t fuck up oh.

Adam asked Teni if he could drive her home and she agreed. She pulled the lawyer wig and gown and put it in the back of Adam’s car. Adam began making jest of her because of the wig and gown. He took her shopping and bought a gown for her and he asked her to put it on. She wore the gown and they went, moving again, and she asked him what was the occasion was. Adam said she would know soon.

He took her to his house. His house was huge like a mansion. He took her in and she saw the dining decorated with flowers and candles and he told her he wanted her to have lunch with him.

Teni asked how it happened with the judge and Adam told her that he had his ways. Teni kept asking to know how and he told her that one of his spies caught Kunle’s dad bribing the judge and he took the bribe. The spy was working in Kunle’s home as a cleaner. She had a video of them when the judge did it. The spy called him very early in the morning about the incident, around 3am. That was why he left early leaving her alone.

He reported the judge to their head and he was called off the case. He was replaced by another judge. Teni smiled and said that he was smart. Adam was like, of course he was that, he was thirty-four years by the way, and the laughed a little.

After the lunch, the servants cleared the table and Adam took Teni from there to his room and he told her that he wanted to ask something very important to him and their daughter. He expressed his feelings once again after sixteen years and he asks her to marry him.

Teni’s eyes became teary and she told Adam to take her home in a commanding tone.

Adam tried to persuade her to stay but she insisted and he took her home. On getting home, Teni entered the house crying and moved to her room. Rose followed her mother while Mr. and Mrs. Williams asked Adam what happened and he said that he didn’t know, that he proposed to her and he got that reaction.

Teni was in her room crying and her daughter asked why she was crying and Teni told her what happened. Rose asked her mother why she didn’t say yes, that she wanted him to be her stepdad. Teni told her that he can’t be her stepdad, that he is her father and Rose eyes opened wide because Teni lied to her that her father was dead.

Teni’s mom came in and told her daughter to say yes, that it was the only way to make her daughter happy. Teni looked at her daughter and she nodded her head.

The three ladies moved downstairs to meet the two men. Teni moved close to her lover with the both of them standing. She apologized for the way she didn’t reply his proposal and wanted to give a reason but he used his finger to cross her lips. He said he understood that she hasn’t forgiven him yet for what he did sixteen years ago. Teni said she has forgiven him for the sake of their daughter and her.

“Yes, Adam Coker I will marry you,” she said and they both smiled with their heads touching each other.

Three weeks past, Teni was in her husband’s house with her daughter and Lillian. She and her daughter were doing the dishes when Lillian came in with a white paper and showed Teni. Teni asked what it meant when she saw two red lines. Lillian told her that she was going to be a mother again. Rose screamed and hugged her mother who was smiling. Lilian was also happy, then Adam came in on hearing the noises and asked why they were screaming. Rose ran to her father and told him that she was expecting a baby brother.

Adam eyes are wide in amazement while Teni just blushed and faced her plate. Rose ran out saying that her grandparents had to know about this, that she would call them and begged Lillian to come help her out.

Teni and her husband were alone in the kitchen. He removed his suit and drops his suit case on the ground and asked her if it was true and she said yes, but she was not sure if it was a boy. Adam grabbed her from behind and turned her around. He was smiling at the same time, removing the hair covering her face.

He then said, “Who cares if it’s a boy or girl?”

Teni replied saying, “Rose cares.”

They both laughed and began kissing. Teni stopped kissing him and told him that she loved him, Adam replied saying that he loved her more.

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