Fresh From A Honeycomb

It tasted so good like honey
fresh from a honeycomb
like vampires
I licked it as though my life depended on it;
Because it tasted so good.

The brain—so crunchy like buttery crackers
I stuffed it deep into my mouth and munched on it
As I enjoyed the pleasure and satisfaction my mouth derived
From its crunchiness
Hmmm… it tasted so good.

Chopping it was wasn’t so difficult
As it was so soft, that the tip of a knife
Dismantled every bone in her
As though it was an arranged toy blocks,
Waiting to be scattered by its toddler.

Hey! you there, come over and have a taste
Oh don’t be scared!,
It’s just another ketchup to lick
And another cracker to crack
You gon’ love the taste of her blood
And the crunchiness of brain
So eat up! Before I turn you into my next meal
You beauty!.

You might be wondering what my dish is called,
It’s called Anna.
Remember the beauty and the beast tale?
So Anna was such a beauty
And me? You already know,
Yes! I had to eat Anna
For she was my beauty,
After all, beauty is to beast.

For once in my life
I wanted a beautiful meal
And Anna served the purpose,
Yes, you thought right!
I killed, butchered and ate Anna!
She was indeed a yummy meal
For every bite tasted good.

I hope you taste some,
Just so you know, I’m going to drink your blood
From your crunchy skull,
As I did with Anna’s.
So eat up! I don’t want you looking skinny
for you are my next meal.

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