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Where We Began Our Love Story

Adetutu… today, we are aged in love
And are now role models
To the young ones in love.

Our love seem so perfect
That it is almost unbelieving
That we still sometimes do
Misunderstand our slight differences.

Ade’ mi… today, we are like
A fallen purple hibiscus from heaven that
Hasn’t even seen half of a yellow sun,

But let us not forget aké:
The memoirs of our childhood,
And the times things fall apart; for
Those were the interpreters
Of our love story:

The times I had to surf plantains at the night
’cause of your appetite that swings
And the times I had no dime to cater for you,
Yet, our love knew no shrinkage.

The times both we and our love
Were old-fashioned,
And we did everything
In our own local way,
Still, our love remained anew.

The times I had to sleep alone on the mat
For you to enjoy the comfort of the mattress,
The day I gave you my school fees out of ignorance
For love’s sake and you
Stood by me when the trouble arose,
Let us not forget.

The times all we had were
A mat, a foam, a kettle and a broom;
In a room apartment.
Adetutu, remember we both made that broom from Baba Dedewe’s palm trees…

Let us not forget the days
Of the little beginnings of
Our love; for
How and where we began our love story is paramount.

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