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True happiness lies in one’s self. So long you are not happy with yourself, what you are, what you are not, where you are or where you are not, you’ll never attain that long lasting happiness. Happiness would come, but like an easterly wind, it will fade swiftly.

I searched for happiness in places so unthinkable, I broke my walls and threw down my gates; the world was so pleased with one who acts strictly based on the scripts it hands over.

I lost the me in me so the world would smile graciously on me. But the happiness I felt was temporal, the void I wished to close was widened, I let a whole lot in who came in with all the demons they could bring. I was broken but not defeated, crushed but not subdued. They highlighted my “FLAWS” and made me see my glorious endowments as a curse. I believed, because I was acting based on the script handed over to me.

Though my walls were crumbling and my gates fallen, I didn’t lose grasp of my discipline. That was my saving grace which I took solace in.

I began to build back my walls. Half way through, I realised I was erecting a fence on pride—pride of what I am, who I am. Self acceptance.

Just barely through, I realised what I had been missing. I began to make my rules, abide by them and write my scripts.

All the years of self hate, I passed alone; all the moments of pain, I endured alone. Where was the world? All it did was give rules that kept me entrapped.

Somehow I have been liberated, I am not going back to Egypt. It is either me against the world, or you and I against the world. Whose side are you on?

Okay, to get it straight, all those rules, human laws that limit individuals because of their race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, myopic sentiments, that hole in our system et cetera are all represented by the phrase “THE WORLD.”

Accept yourself today and experience that awesome feeling of long lasting happiness that can’t be taken away by anyone, not even your village people.

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