No Beauty For Ebony Under The Sun

The enmity between ebony and the sun
Is an ivory hidden for ages
Hidden from the seed of ebony for ages.
An error seer for beauty because sun has dimmed the rays of beauty.

A black man under the sun
Is a lamentation for his soul
Crying like a ghost at night
The fear of a Ghost Walker
Stiff narrows with pain in the heart of a black man.
What exactly is beauty for a black man under the sun
Nothing but a crack on the wall
For lizard to cut out the tissue of beauty from an ebony.

The sun is an acid to the beauty of an ebony under the sun
An impression issue intention from the sun
To break-out the fragile texture that beautify an ebony.
The sun might be excited for washing out the beauty of an ebony
Maybe yes or other way around.

Nancy gave birth to a son under the sun.
After some days under the sun beauty can not be craved out on a scroll.
The sun for an ebony
Is a cry for is beauty.
Beauty walk way
Complimenting fair ones.
Beauty has no deal with a black man under the sun
Because the sun and ebony is a fretboard
That have nothing in it.

Sun I called… is it that beauty is not part of your purpose or you choose to shame an ebony before the fair man.
If yes, that is uncalled for by you dear sun
If no, dear sun search out for me who always take away the beauty of a black man under the sun.

This spark out the exodus of beauty.
The journey of beauty is as far like the east to the west.
Bitterness drop like a dropping rain from the sky
This is a fatal error for ebony.
Beauty is always far from ebony
Who made it so?
Is it the sun?

Holly is the sky
Let your leafs protect our beauty
Not to fly with time.
Holly is the sky
We all ebony pleads for your root
To always retain our beauty when the sun raise
Holly is the sky
Cover our beauty with your loving family
Holly is the sky
Seed in beauty to be permanent when the sun shines.

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