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Love is a Battlefield

After the Vietnam war
men thought that was the worst so far.
But love is more than just a war,
it is more than a train crushing a car.

Love is a battlefield
filled with enemies from within and without.
It is the glimpse of an endless fight,
a stage for wrong and right.

With no love warfare strategy,
lieutenants of love will end in tragedy.
With no love packed armoury
captains of love will fight to lethargy.

The mistakes, the hurts
the weaknesses, the recklessness.
The heated emotions,
the misconstrued feelings;
all a grenade thrown at us.

We loose control
We get stronger.
We’re aflame in petrol
We get better.

No retreat, no surrender
We’ll fight till the end.
We are the defender and offender;
the battlefield have made us best friends.

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