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Cardinal Feelings

Feelings of my design
clustered and well aligned.
I’m the architect of it all:
the love, hate, joy and sad call.
All in my skull and sternum,
revealed by her addendum.
She came like the salt I lacked
and got my taste sacked.
And I glory in her wake,
a sun to my daybreak.
Succinctly turning me on
as I got my vibe summoned.
Glacial feelings steamed
and love on my soul beamed.
And my bearing changed
when I got her love exchanged.
Of bitter sweet experience,
I got a fount of excellence.
Rolling the dice to my heart,
there is no temporary depart.
And she cemented all grounds
until our love knew no bounds.
Through the daily strife,
I’ll still be glad if she’d be my wife.
And amidst the thistles and pain
we’ve evolved into a youthful gain.

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