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I am beautiful, handsome, cute, charming, gorgeous… wait, I am beautiful!

I stand before my mirror drooling at the sight of what feeds my eye. My well-parted eyebrows taking its ordered form even without the touch of a comb or brush; my eyes so bright that makes people gasp; my lips so pink that people can’t help but get distracted when I talk or they talk to me.

Then I ask myself, why am I still single? Isn’t the world seeing what I am seeing? My looks leave me with questions greater than answers. I should be worshipped, in fact, I should kick out people whose faces would pass as scarecrows away from life. I am just God’s art of perfection. And then it gets to my head.

There are people like this. There are so many ways, sayings, thoughts, concepts and beliefs on the true verdict of beauty. The most popular being: ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

Truth really is that who and what I view as beautiful may just be likened to an ogre to another.

For instance, a friend of mine loves chihuahuas saying they are so pretty, but to me, those things are beasts.

A new idea I have bought above that of beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder is ‘Beauty is based on functionality. ‘

You may just be like that guy before the mirror who orgasmed in pleasure over his looks, but your attitude is as red as crimson and dark as charcoal.

For instance, a cloth may be ugly but for the fact it covers your nakedness and is functional to you, it is beautiful. Same goes to the boy before his mirror looking so breathtaking but full of arrogance. He has just got a truck load of arrogance.

Take note that your beauty is exposed or portrayed by your attitude. As you walk painstakingly to maintain a good shape and enviable face, work on your attitude too.

So, the question is, are you beautiful?

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