A Stage Play of Life

Let me take you back
In time to the very beginning
when our fathers were
In their diapers and would
shake rhythmically to the
vibrations of the sekere
and bask in fury of the
melodious moments to
worship with
Scenes and acts.

If you ask me who
The father of Art is,
I’d say God.

Do you know why
This place is covered?
There must always be
a “behind the scene”
Likewise, there was a
Behind the scene during
The the creation of your life.
God has the scripts and
Jesus is the director,
But you are the protagonist.

Without Jesus in your life,
the play of your life would
Be filled with acts of crimes
And sins and your antagonist
Shall soon catch-up with you,
Ending like a tragi-comedy.

If you don’t find out what is
Written in the script of your life,
You’ll never be able to control
The characters in the play of your life..

Jesus, the great director go
Teach you how you go take
Get mind stand gidigba for stage
Read your lines. You no go fear.

Art is like the favourite stew of Adebosun
In the hands of his beautiful wife.
Art is sweeter than the freshly
Tapped wine in the
Hands of the village drunkard.

When you leave here,
Find out what I’d written
In the script of the play of your life,
When you find out,
Jesus will direct you and
You shall not be conquered
By your antagonist.

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