A New Day

Bimbo, wake up and see.
See how slow the sun is growing,
But if you sleep too long,
You might later think it grew fast.

Yawn and peep through that window
And see the brightness of the morning.
It’s another heavenly package
With a seal: “Open with prayer.”

It’s a cold Friday morning.
A morning when toddlers are happy.
Happy that it’s the last day of the week;
For they shall be relieved of teachers’ cane.

It’s a chill Friday morning.
Just a perfect weather to bow in prayer
And say; “Abba Father!
Bimbo wake up and see:

It’s a good Friday to chill about with Jesus.
And thank him for the wrap of the week;
For he is ever faithful.
Happy Friday, Happy week end.

Happy new day!

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