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Who Said Men Don’t Cry?

The father gave birth to the son, and the son grew into a man under the watchful eyes of a father who teaches the leaders. He grew up with the knowledge that men don’t cry.

Who said men can’t cry?

Crying is not meant for the women and children alone, it is in the human nature. We call the women weak because they easily break down and cry a lot, but crying should not be seen as an act of weakness but as a way of calming oneself.

Who said men can’t cry? Some men prefer to torture themselves inwardly rather than cry out for fear of being called weak, forgetting the fact that we often stand in the compound of a coward to point at the ruins where a great man used to live. They hide under the shadows of the army and defense forces with stone faces to actualise this belief, but if you watch closely, occasionally, you will see one or two tears run down those stony faces.

Women should not be called weak because they cry because in reality they are stronger than men. They don’t behave like hypocrites like the men do. They let it out when they feel the weight has become too heavy to bear and after that, they become a river.

The years run by and the man becomes the father, but if after years of maturity he doesn’t the difference or what life is all about, then the fact that old age has come does not signifies wisdom has come to pass.

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