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Tingling Buds

Her rose buds perked up, hardened and ached for something her mind couldn’t comprehend. She was tossed around by the movement of his lips and the caressing of his palm against her thigh, dangerously close to her core. It clenched as his thumb rub gently against her clit.

He moved round, avoiding parts she sought a relief from. What a tease, she thought as a moan escaped her lips. It was a slow drag of her clit between his teeth. He moved from between her thighs and pestered kisses upwards, avoiding her sex once more, he moved up to her navel, his lips played the timber with sucks and nips and her lips sang the lyrics with different crescendo in harmony. Her buds tingled with each lick and nip, they had never felt so alive and with the right pressure, they flared with excitement. She couldn’t endure the pleasure and squirmed under him.

She wasn’t the only one affected; he hid his well. Looking closely there was a poking head between his legs. It was massive and red from strain. It was clearly in discomfort as she continued to squirm rubbing her thigh against his manhood.

She arched her back and pulled his hair, she begged for something but was blinded by the sweetness.

Buds satisfied and tingling with a touch, he moved his lips higher, his hands moved from her thigh to her ass and gave it a squeeze. She moved her lips and captured his halfway, she sucked and licked while moving her hands down his abs to his V-line.

Their kiss moved in a mad frenzy, their touches sending electric currents down towards their sex. What a seductress, his loin bounced from each tease of her hands, she took time not to touch it yet, moving her hands from his navel to the base of his loin.

He took her hands and held it abover her head, he took his tie and tied both her arms to bed stand. Hands bound, thighs wide open, he was ready to feast.

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