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November The 5

What a time to celebrate time,
A time to extol the prime time,
Let us pour some wine in this space of time,
And make a toast to the good time,
Celebration of life in a lifetime,
As we take out time to celebrate this time.

I’d like to give a speech full of thank you all,
But expression can’t express it all,
I tried to figure my speech,
Now I’m lost in the figures of speech,
For no figure of speech can figure my speech,
And appreciation can’t explain my heart’s wish.

Hard currencies can’t evaluate how much I feel,
I feel grateful,
No amount of gratitude can pay up the bill,
Thank you, I’m thankful.

You may not realize this moment until it becomes a memory,
Pictures that frame the mind like a gallery,
A moment those moments keeps in memory,
Memory in memory of memories.

It’s November the 5,
What a time to be alive.

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