Month: November 2019

  • African StoriesPhoto of Yesterday


    It was like yesterday, getting prepared to leave Orire township to begin a new life in the university, when Mama who had try all she could for me to dry her ever flowing tears, sat…

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  • Fantasy and Adventure StoriesPhoto of The Tribe

    The Tribe

    Pulling tightly on the reins, he came to a stop. He hopped off his horse, knelt down to check the ground; there were hoof prints and this was good. Judging from the prints, they had…

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  • African StoriesPhoto of Too Late

    Too Late

    She was sitting before me and her hands were resting on the desk. Her hair, long and wavy, cascaded down to her back in a gentle aura. “It’s positive,” the words finally squeezed out through…

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  • African StoriesPhoto of Do Otherwise

    Do Otherwise

    There were two friends, Micheal and Samuel. They were really close for a while. They both loved each other like friends would but something was wrong. Samuel was girly and Michael didn’t like that. Because…

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  • Pidgin PoetryPhoto of The Voice Of That Nigerian Student Drug Addict

    The Voice Of That Nigerian Student Drug Addict

    Even though them like Even though them no like I go do my part I go talk am loud o Even though say you no be drug addict Do your part o Make highness for…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Spellbound


    I fell in love, With the Angel of Death Like all angels, his beauty Was the early morning clouds Untouchable beyond human reach He wore a mask of goodness Alluring me to his grace He…

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  • MusingsPhoto of I Refuse To Grow

    I Refuse To Grow

    Finding joy in the drops of rain, Seeing beauty in mud, Laughing in the middle of sadness, Forgiving and forgetting, Why should I leave this beautiful life? Playing with grasshoppers, Kissing different colours of butterflies,…

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  • MusingsPhoto of We Should Gaze At Our Past

    We Should Gaze At Our Past

    When we had worked through the day We felt relieved to be gathered by the sides of the dark clouds Where we were once taught how to touch the moon The night singers began their…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of Dear Special You

    Dear Special You

    I think I’m heartbroken Why hurt me darling? I feel something’s missing My wounds refuse healing This thing called love Yeah, I knew it existed But never did I guess how much Its effects could…

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  • PoetryPhoto of They


    They spoke They called They clawed and they fought “let us out of here” “Do what we want” They scrapped at the walls They screamed from the shadows ‘‘we want out’’ In this little room…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Purple Rain

    Purple Rain

    Purple rain, mysterious feeling. Yes, I like it. My grief is hidden beneath the sweet droplets so soothing. I long for the changing of the cloud, the spreading of thunder and lightning. Let the rain…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Jobless Men

    Jobless Men

    When men talk about their wives Under the influence of shots Of alcohol or the locally made burukutu, At joints or bars, I’d like to think they are jobless. When I hear them scorn the…

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  • MusingsPhoto of The Thespian

    The Thespian

    From day one I’ve got a joy, Joy that has to go with happiness, Happiness that tallies with emotions, And emotions that go with burning zeal. To make it lit… Family is complete with the…

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  • African StoriesPhoto of Twisted Fate

    Twisted Fate

    Afeez, a young and bubbling Nigerian student, meets Zainab, a beautiful, quiet and intelligent girl. Almost instantly, their attraction for each other sweeps them off their feet and they are thrown into a whirlwind of…

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  • African StoriesPhoto of Shut Nose

    Shut Nose

    “You compromise of calamity! Your bald head has brought evil into our land. Our eyes are blind to see the nemesis betwixt us, our noses are shut to smell the stenchy sensation. Adérøjú, you’re a…

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  • African StoriesPhoto of I Am

    I Am

    Three hours came and past, Obiajulu was still lying on a wooden bench behind the counter of a police station. The two police officers guarding him hadn’t received any instruction from above to bail him.…

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  • Life and General Fiction StoriesPhoto of The Missing Condiment

    The Missing Condiment

    Whenever John Jordan went out on one of his tours, there was always something of impersonal attachment to return with, be it a leaflet, a magazine, neatly knitted clothing, table clothing, or otherwise. He had…

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  • PoetryPhoto of The Irony

    The Irony

    What do I do, when my worst insecurities are caused by my closest friends? What do I say when my greatest anxieties are birthed and fed by the ones I love? What would you say,…

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  • Pidgin PoetryPhoto of This Na Nigeria

    This Na Nigeria

    Which time sufferness go stop for this land na? I don dey suffer no be today talk na! I don work like wall clock Walahi! No reward I dey do all sort of wahala like…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of Swept Clean

    Swept Clean

    Burning down, ashes into ashes. I’ve lost it all, my senses, my tenses, my defenses… I’m left with my lenses and what did I see a heart swept clean. My diamonds and golds, all traded…

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