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The Konga of Infatuation

One deadly rhythm, poisonous to the heart of men, which the 21st Century youths mustn’t dance to, is the rhythm that emanates from the konga of infatuation. Men have danced to this rhythm, are dancing to it and shall keep dancing to it as long as the earth evolves. This Konga has beaten the music of lust into the hearts of men and women and it is sad, but true, that the cancerous music has began to eat up their concentration towards God and their goals.

Some people define infatuation as “love at first sight,” while some say it is “short-lived affection.” However, whichever way you may want to define it, it shall remain what it is. Nonetheless, it is not a sin to love at first sight, but it is a sin to lust after first sight. This konga of infatuation is responsible for incessantly playing and reverberating lustful rhythms.

In the percussion family of musical instruments, konga opted herself out to wickedly carryout this assignment. Beware! She was the one who made you undress a woman in the laboratory of your heart; she made you x-ray a walking woman; she was the one who prepared that sex scene that keeps auto-playing in your heart; she made you fornicate with that young man; she made you think that masturbation was just mare self-pleasure, but blinded your eyes from the deep spiritual implication of it.

Listen, it’s not a sin to listen to her rhythm, but when you dance to her rhythms, you are endangering your salvation. One tragedy is that she shall keep beating her rhythm. When you lust, you are already tapping your feet to her rhythm. Haven’t you read it in Matthew 5:28, that if you look on a woman to lust after her, you are already a rapist/fornicator/adulterer.

One surest way you can refuse to be her captive is to wear the headset of godliness to prevent your ears from getting you defiled by the rhythms.

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