Tales of a Hungry Man

My stomach kept rumbling,
the intermittent bang in my head didn’t halt too
Aye! my epiglottis kept flapping as I sat by my piano singing on an empty stomach.
“It doesn’t matter the peril and torture,
I’ll stand firmly with the emblem of Christ being exuded in me”;
these were the lyrics I kept singing as I suffered the pangs of hunger.
I decided to resort to riffs as I sang, but it didn’t work as my breath was inaccurate to hold onto a note properly,
I had started cursing under my breath, when these words were relayed from just behind my door, as it now appeared to me like I heard a knock before now, but obviously that part of my head didn’t interpret the message,
“We are sorry for any inconvenience we might have caused as we didn’t stay true to quick service delivery.” These words, coupled with the aroma that had now engulfed the room, increased the rumble in my belly as the young man placed what i had ordered for the past two hours on the couch close to the entrance.

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