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Waking up to pee
All I saw was him
All dressed in black
As they said he was free
Like I had seen

My skin gone pale
My legs weak like I was lame
Eyes shut quickly
Hoping it was gone
But no,
My hope was long lost

The bogey man is real
The bogey man, it’s him
I cried silently
My breath so loud
It could shake the ground

My whimper was heard by him
So I thought
Why hasn’t he said a word to me
Was he so dumb?
Drip drip
I was getting wet
My mind offering my body a plea
With the bogey man
Still staring at me

With me dripping
My fear vanishing
Rising slowly
While the bogey man still stares

I pulled his hand out
And down went
A towel I had hanged

And away went bogey man
And all my fears that hatched

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