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Sometimes, what kills people, sometimes what makes people depressed making them pass through one mental health case or the other is because they have chosen to give personal attention to their problems. Repressed feelings whirls up in them causing an outburst of emotions, negative emotions. Depression sets in, things get out of hand, but they don’t want to speak out because people say the world doesn’t care what you pass through.

“Face your problems, and don’t Facebook them, your problem needs personal attention and not cyber attention. The world gives no damn for what you are passing through.”

These are words of an inhumane soul, probably an embittered being who has been unlucky in picking friends that actually care in face of both pain and joy, lack and plenty.

If after reading somebody’s outpoured feelings online, you have no iota of sympathy and instead of giving a word of hope, you lambaste him for airing his problems, then you have no sense and really need to seek help because sense is miles away from you. You are not just inhumane for having zero feelings for what your so-called ‘cyber friend’ is passing through, you are also animalistic. Beastly!

Sometimes these people who pour out how they feel don’t need your sympathy or curses, they just get this relief that things would be better once they open up, not just getting ways out from people who have passed through similar episodes, but also encouraging those whose spirits are dampened and can’t speak out.

Sometimes, people share their problems not to get the media’s attention but because they want ways out. They want to learn and draw strength and inspiration from people who has passed through similar problems and came out stronger and better.

They want a shoulder to lean on. They want to broaden their horizons because nobody knows where his help will come from.

As problems need personal attention, we should always remember that whoever said a problem shared is a problem solved (or half solved) is no fool. As you’d see people ready to mock and deride you with your predicaments, you’d also see right thinking individuals who are willing to help. They are not all dead yet.

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