B.B.Q (Black. Beautiful. Queen)

Perfection is the foundation of your complexion,
Perfect it is as beauty radiates in your reflection,
Beauty beautified beyond beautification,
The beautiful face of the African nation.

Your skin tells your story,
The glow that gleams in glory,
A Blooming Complextion,
Dazzlingly Exceptional Formation.

Hail the king of queens,
The radiant reality of an African dream,
Flawless is the elegance of your melanin,
And your voluptuous nature is a grateful gift of nature to mortal beings.

The skin you wear makes Africa beautiful,
Of a truth, expressions can’t truly express the true expression of you.
Wonders will always wonder
as long as it wanders in the wonders of you.

You’re the light tonight like the shine of the moon,
A black beautiful beaut, bold blazing bloom,
It’s awesome how awesome it is to blossom,
Indeed, splendid splendor sways at where you come from.

This is a prodigy of you to you,
Every colour has its beauty but black is beautiful.

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