When Feelings Play Chess

It’s hard to find realness in a façade,
Like how can you find happiness on the face of the sad?
This guise is disguise; a fine wine mined from a vague vine yard,
A player practically playing prank and his victim lost in the playing card.

I love you but sometimes I need silence to talk to.
Meanwhile, feelings are only playing around in this game of circle,
Don’t rush it! Easy does it but at times easy is hard to get too
And breakthrough is hard to break through…

I mean these words but a Pawn only play a pun,
Imagine! How will a Rook say a Knight shall bring forth the sun,
Liquid lies! Maybe if the Bishop realize the King is just a slay Queen;
Then reality can awake from the slumbering dream.

Deceit is a game of Chess!”

Feelings flow foolishly,
Fairytales flim futilely,
I think you think of me when you think and think!
You think you think, it only but a fling, kindly think and rethink.

Indeed! It’s hard to find realness in a façade,
Pour a wine of clarity in his glasses and serve this myopic nerd,
Always spend some time to pay a check;
Cause deception is the game when feelings

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