Bad, But Sheerly Good

I have been called several names,
most disheartening of all—
human killer,
but, I have mammoth goodness, yes I can
be used to illuminate the dark parts in
quite a number of facets of life,
this is the cry of microorganisms
to mankind.
An emblem of goodness or otherwise,
everything comes with,
but embracing cogitation,
some things come with both of the emblems,
this entity of great importance,
though known to be a villain,
could also be sheerly useful and world changing,
this river of remedy has existed
to expunge one of the leading
cause of death in the world today
Escherichia coli
the nefarious entity that could make you
almost unendingly visit the toilet,
has proven so germane in the
production of insulin when introduced,
into a fermentation tank.
Micro organisms have truly been harmful to man
but one should not be negligent
of their ability to straighten the crooked
issues of the general public.
This misty cloud of prominent necessity is
about to break in great precipitation
of knowledge into man,
oh! This rain of novel finding
has been falling, is falling and
has to fall, this time, torrentially.

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